About Me

Welcome to this blog. A space where questions are placed and answers are given. Here you can read a bit about me.

The Idea

The idea of creating such a blog came to me more than a year ago. As a blogger with a degree in IT, I always tried to do more than the regular blogger. When meeting other bloggers, I knew the answers to most of the problems they were having. So I started to help everyone I could. Some tips here and there about Blogspot that I used. Many more about WordPress that I never used. A lot about several details like domain registration, SSL certificates, web hosting and the kind of stuff you can’t explain in 5 minutes. Always the same questions. Therefore, I started writing guidelines and sharing in bloggers’ groups. The result? More questions and requests for help.

When I was appointed Most Valuable Professional of OutSystems, they asked if I had a blog. I had, but it was about cinema. That was when I decided to create a technology blog. A place where I could compile all the answers to frequently asked questions. In the posts about technology I may get a bit techy, but don’t worry. In the posts about blogging, the language will be as accessible as I can, and the posts will be updated whenever a better way of explaining is found.

About Me

Jumping back to the me subject. My name is Nuno. I’m a blogger since 2003 (first in Antestreia, followed by SciFiWorld Portugal and a few others over the years), I’ve worked in IT since 2005 – mostly in web development – and recently completed a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing. So I can probably understand most of the requests about blogs, websites, CMS, hosting, SEO, domains and anything you can think of.

Feel free to ask me anything you can’t find in the blog, and I’ll do my best to post an answer to it.