How can crowdfunding help businesses

How I started

In my case it was a natural consequence. I have a very good relationship with Cinema. And that led to a relationship with crowdfunding. First, I was raised in film festivals and watched films that are quite far from mainstream. Second, I blog about Cinema, so I kept up to date in every piece of news on this topic. Third, I met a lot of people in film festivals that were starting their path into filmmaking.

For a couple of years in the dawn of social media, most of my contacts and followed pages were foreigners related to the arts. My newsfeed was mostly people talking about their work. Slowly, the posts changed content. They were not talking about what they were doing but asking collaboration to turn a dream into reality.

I looked into a few of those ideas. Back then Kickstarter was the place to be. Knowing the people and knowing a thing or two about Cinema, I started to fund some of those projects. When I realized, I was registered in a few global crowdfunding platforms, as well as some in Portugal, Spain, Ireland…

For some of the films I knew the people personally. A director, writer, actor, producer… Others were indie productions with B-listed film stars that I liked. When I realized, I was involved in too many and, just like Roger Corman once said, considering that if I don’t know what I’m in, it’s because I’m not giving it the needed attention. So, I almost stopped for a couple of years.

I take an occasional look because I am still surprised by crowdfunding productions that go to festivals I am attending. The talent that is hidden, waiting for a chance. I no longer believe I can find all of them, but I think that sometimes the right help can unblock a future talent and, years later, it will be worth it.

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