How can crowdfunding help businesses

Tips for contributing to crowdfunding

There are a few basic rules that you learn from experience. I’ll share mine that is 100% related to Cinema/Television.

Do not expect blockbusters or even masterpieces. The funding is limited. The time is limited. Everyone is doing their best to have something.

Consider the money lost as most of those will never complete anything. By my sample, I have a 60-70% completion rate and some of those haven’t fulfilled most of their obligations. I was shocked by it for a while. Now I see it as normal. They are called projects for a reason.

As above, they may complete the film and forget you, so you will never see it or heard from it again. Deal with it.

Start with one and see how it goes. Learn from it. You may have 3 or 4 at once, no more than that. If you are lucky, you will have a lot of updates on it. I get monthly emails from a film I helped 5 years ago that is still in post-production. Sometimes a project I see as dead wakes up and I get a status update.

And finally, get something out of it. You are not getting money back, but maybe a copy of the film, some credits… a token of what you did. I try to see it as an advanced purchase. Would I pay 20USD to have this short on DVD? So, I pay it now to have it done and expect to get a DVD in a couple of years. It is the same.

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