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An example of crowdfunding done right

“Dream & Smile” (now “Soyka”) was a project I haven’t discovered on my own. I was contacted by the team. About thar, I get a lot of spam of people looking for funders and I usually ignore them just for bothering me. Although there were some issues on the campaign (and I am very picky) the following was enough for me to trust:

  1. Anastasiya Serhiyenia has an IMDb profile with real experience. This is not a student film. Her career is not huge or the titles popular but has worked enough for me to trust that she can lead a team and complete a project.
  2. Usually, I like to see the cast, but is hard to book people before you have dates and money, so I understand not everyone can tell us the ideal cast beforehand. Still, when in post-production they must. And having a name like Lyanka Gryu sharing her time to sign posters and do Zoom calls, shows that she believes on the project.
  3. The topic was personal to the creator. It is not a vague idea they want to turn into film, it is their reality that is getting a film. I funded a lot of SciFi where personal experience is not a  thing, but the passion should be the same.
  4. It is relevant. Emigration in the United States is a hot topic so the film will get exposure. It will get to festivals and may get prizes.
  5. I saw support from the community and artists associations, people confirming my gut feeling. If you are doing a campaign, get your friends to cash in on day zero so you can show from day one that you are not desperate for money, just need some more to do it properly.
  6. The synopsis was on point. It talks about the struggles of the character, but no clue on the story or ending. I can decide if I want to fund the film and, later on, watch it as a normal spectator.
  7. Feedback is fundamental. I got regular updates on the status of the film. Either from the campaign, the site or the director. Without it, I would never again trust them my money.

I hope this can shed some light on anyone looking to do crowdfunding on both sides of the business.

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