Social media and Internet for celebrities

Having monitored the social media/Internet presence of several celebrities, I’ve collected some of the most common errors they make. What was supposed to be my checklist is now available as a guide for everyone.

This article takes about ten minutes to read and is divided into three sections: email, social media, and site. I recommend that you check them all. Even if you are an anonymous person some of these tips can be useful.


Everyone needs an email account. It is the most elementary tool of communication in the digital age. How can you keep private life safe from professional life? Multiple accounts. This chapter will translate into the real world how you should handle communications.

For demonstration purposes, let’s say your name is John Doe.

The office

When someone starts a company, they must give an address. Many small entrepreneurs give their home address because there is no point in renting an office if you are not going to use it. Home and work are done in the same place. However, they are not expecting all their customers to show up at once. If someone drops by to ask for information, that’s ok. But if they started receiving one or two hundred people daily just to say how great their work is, anyone would just move out to actually do some work.

My advice for digital is the same: get an “office”. State clearly on sites and social media who is in charge of everything on your behalf so you don’t get too many requests, and get a professional email address. They won’t know if that company address is you, your spouse, your parent, or a team of 20 people.

Besides your manager, agent, agency and all those people you have listed in your site and IMDb as contacts, there are some times when the press needs to get to you directly. Create an account for the press and make it obvious like with “PR” as a prefix or suffix of your working name. This account can be used in Skype/Hangouts and other ways of direct, one on one communication. The minimum is, but preferably make it look as something managed by someone else ( Tip: set automatic notifications to your team when something arrives here.

Post Office Box

One day you need to register at a shop as any human being and don’t want to share personal details with a clerk that recognized you. And you go and get a P.O. box for that. It is perfectly fine. And hopefully one day your office will get tired of getting your fan mail. Along with agent, manager, PR, and everyone else, list the P.O. box as the address for fan mail. Fans will rather do it because they believe it goes to you and not some evil middle man that is keeping you away from the public.

Online this is your first line of defense, as in a filter for spam and unwanted people. That you use to register at shops, sites and so on. Is also the one you give when applying to a job (with your CV, portfolio). It can be similar to your name but don’t care too much about it. Make it look “normal” like a I’d go further and say it can be managed by a personal assistant. You don’t need to pick the mail by yourself at the post office and you don’t need to scroll all the emails that get to you.

Don’t forget that it must allow recovering password with a secondary email account (your personal one). If it gets too cluttered, just inform the companies you want to keep, and move to a new one.

Personal address

Like your home is not for a mob to be at the door with cards, you will also need a place to be quiet and be low profile.

This email is for family and friends only. First name, middle name, nickname, place of birth, anything goes. Be aware that you should never use it in online places or social media, or everyone will know who you are. That reduced number of people must be warned that any reference to your email is forbidden and they can’t even save it with your work name. is an example.

Extra tip: if that nickname is the name you plan on giving to your production company a few years from now, people will eventually find out. Yes, it happened more than once.

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