Social media and Internet for celebrities

Social Media

Some platforms are meant for personal use (Twitter, Instagram), others (Facebook, Vimeo) can be managed by agencies. Some (Youtube) will depend on the content you plan on sharing.

You should have an account in all of them, even if you aren’t there for now. Just get the name and keep it for yourself from day one.

Don’t forget that registration must be made with the generic email account (“P.O. box”).

There are many manuals of best practices for each and every social media. If should not be your concern for two reasons.

  1. You have someone managing your accounts that is supposed to know that. Customer relationship management is a standard task for them.
  2. If you have real fans, you don’t need to groom the virtual fans. They are already doing it for you.
  3. There are situations that can get out of hand really quick.

Just keep them happy on the real world (some smiles, some photos, and a hello) and on special occasions (birthday, holidays, new work coming out) share some videos. When you travel abroad on holidays, if you announce too soon your trip, they may stalk you, but at the end you can share some photos for the locals to see. And don’t forget to share all the public attendances you do so they can meet and greet you. That gives visibility to the events that will appreciate the gesture, and having your devoted fan crowd, makes you look more important than you are, landing you a better contract next time. The same goes for advertisement campaigns. If you are being paid to show up, you are being paid to be seen. The more the better.

It is not easy

Do not consider the digital presence as something easy or a minor responsibility. It is one of the most important elements of success. There are some productions that measure your success based on the number of subscribers. With the increase in data science information for businesses, having fans in social media will be a key factor for getting hired. Some casting process are based solely on that criteria but don’t get me started on that. I have a strong opinion against that.

There are digital natives and natural born influencers that can control such power. Those are paid by each post. The rest, can only depend on the professionals hired. And I believe that, with time, things will go back to normal. Digital is a marketing tool so whoever is hiring you, will want you to stand out, but on their own terms. If you are a celebrity before that, it will be more expensive for them to get you, and harder to shape your image into what they want.

The main and oldest rule is always rethink what you are about to post. What goes online stays there forever and quickly gets out of your control. Have a “friendly foe” to look at it as someone wanting to destroy your reputation before publishing, because they are out there. A funny tweet can be back to haunt you in a decade. Taking a stand for something and later switching to the opposite side will be used against you. If you want to be remembered as someone great, choose the right side of history from the start, or don’t say nothing. And if those causes you trusted before reveal to be a bad choice, be as vocal against as you were for them.

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