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This will sound cliché, but is never enough to say it and is completely true: having a site is mandatory. Facebook can disappear, IMDb can disappear, and Spotify can disappear. You have absolutely no control over other people’s business. And if you have a place of your own, that doesn’t matter. You can host your photos without Instagram and your videos without Youtube. You can sell your books, albums, and movies without Amazon. With a site, you create your community and control your own destiny. People are lazy and may not register if you don’t have a “Login with Facebook/Google” button, but they will take a look.

Like in social media, the ideal is if you get really soon. Of course, sometimes you have a common name and someone homonymous gets there first, but we live at an age of little respect and a thirst for easy money. Many are already taken by a few companies trying to sell them for the higher offer. I made a sample with actors, and the .com of their names was taken in around 20% by the official site, 1% by fans and 30% by only 3 speculators. More than half the domains were registered and waiting to be sold. Their price can be anywhere between 500 and 50000 dollars.

For example, I alone got over a hundred to protect them from such predators. Imagine what a company with real money to invest could do. They buy thousand of domains, and wait for an opportunity to resell them and get not only all the money back, but also a big profit.

If you got a domain, there are three types of site you can consider.

Static site

A simple page with a photo, a bio, previous and upcoming works, a media kit, and the contacts mentioned in the previous points. Just to have a presence and no work at all maintaining it. You may update the works section, but that is it. It stays the same.

Dynamic site

This one gives a bit more work. Besides the static information, you can have an integrated blog where you post regular information about your work, videos from rehearsals, press conferences… Doesn’t need to be daily, but if your team is already creating such content for social media, you can also share it on the site.

This gives a stronger presence and bigger visibility to the site (and you), what will attract more visitors. If you have a product to sell – either books, films, albums, tickets or even t-shirts for charity – it is strongly recommended.

Interactive site

Frankly, this gives so much work that can only be used temporarily as part of a campaign. Unless you are an illusionist that must keep the amazement, it is only a possibility if some advertisement agency is backing you while using your image to promote some product. In the industries of cinema and videogames it can happen, but is not seldom.

This is all for now. If you have questions, feel free to place them. This article will evolve with all the inputs received.

If you are a celebrity building an online presence, you can talk to me. Now is the right moment to start. If you are one of the lucky hundred, I have the perfect domain for you. For the real price. And if you are not, I can still help you achieve the best possible situation.

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